Cleansing Puff x3 Pack
Cleansing Puff x3 Pack
Cleansing Puff x3 Pack

Cleansing Puff x3 Pack

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Reusable and sustainable microfibre eco friendly Cleansing Puffs perfect for your day or night skin routine. Our Cleansing Puffs are designed to remove build up, dirt, debris and makeup. Super gentle and soft on the skin can be used on the most sensitive skin types and under delicate eye area. Simply run the puffs under water and wipe away your makeup or cleanse the skin or use without water. Pop your cleansing puffs into the wash bag or hand wash with water & soap.

  • Just add water
  • Made from luxury thick & ultra soft microfibre
  • Remove dirt, impurities & dead skin
  • Use all over your face + neck - Morning or Night
  • Eco friendly
  • Apply or remove skin care products
  • Remove makeup
  • Suitable for all skin types + sensitive skin types
  • Replace using over 100 wipes & safe the environment
  • Reusable
  • Machine or hand wash with water and soap
  1. Wet your Cleansing Puff
  2. Squeeze and wipe your flawless face with our cleansing puffs
  3. Wash cleansing puffs
  4. Reuse your cleansing puffs

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