Cleansing Glow Brush
Cleansing Glow Brush
Cleansing Glow Brush
Cleansing Glow Brush
Cleansing Glow Brush
Cleansing Glow Brush
Cleansing Glow Brush
Cleansing Glow Brush
Cleansing Glow Brush
Cleansing Glow Brush

Cleansing Glow Brush

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So let’s get deep down and personal into your pores giving them the ultimate cleanse in just under 60 seconds.

Gentle silicone anti-bacterial bristles penetrating deep into the pores with sonic vibration ensuring all of your impurities, dirt and debris are gone. With one side used for cleansing and the other for an anti-ageing massage. Gently exfoliates removing dirt, makeup, dead skin cells with a pointed tip that'll easily get around your nose area chin and more. Unclogging your pores giving you a thorough cleanse. Increase circulation and promote collagen. Pair this device with cleanse me gentle cleanser for a deeper cleanse.

  1. Apply cleanse me to your cleansing glow brush
  2. Gently cleanse our face in circular motions
  3. Now you have that no filter glow

Pair with me

  • All skin types
  • Deep cleansing 
  • Acne fighting
  • Anti Ageing
  • Boost collagen production 
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Cleanse in under 60 seconds 
  • 7 modes 3500 touch points
  • Exfoliate and remove dirt, makeup, oil & dead skin cells
  • Anti-bacterial bristles
  • Blemishes, blackheads, oily, normal, mature, acne scaring, fine lines, wrinkles
  • Turn me over and massage
  • Waterproof
  • Sonic vibration
  • Use up to 300 uses before recharging
  • Universal usb charge 2 hours full battery
  • Australia owned

Can I use cleaning glow brush everyday?
We recommend using your cleaning glow brush once a day. Morning or night routine when cleansing your skin. Our glow brush is gentle and safe to use on all skin types. If you do have really sensitive/dry skin we would recommend using the device every 2nd day and start on a lower setting. Apply your favv moisturiser after use as our cleansing glow brush is removing dirt oils and can leave skin a little dry.

How do I clean my cleansing glow brush?
We recommend rinsing your cleansing glow brush thoroughly with water after each use. Do not use any cleaning products to clean your brush. These chemicals can irritate your skin.

How do I charge my Cleansing Glow Brush?
Charge your device before your first use for 2 hours. Plug your usb end of charging cable into a power outlet using a compatible adapter (Device can not be used whilst charging). A light will show on the front of the device and glow red to let your know your cleansing brush is charging. Fully charged your light will glow green.

Is Cleansing glow brush waterproof?
With the wireless charging option, you get up to 300 uses per one charge - That is 300 showers! So yes this cleansing glow brush is waterproof! Keep this bad boy under the shower so its handy and ready to use (ensure it is dry before and after each use) Can be used in shower,bath,pool literally take cleansing glow brush anywhere!

Why should I cleanse my skin with this cleansing glow brush?
When we cleanse our skin with our hands we don’t get deep down and under the skin and into our pores. With this cleansing device we can achieve cleansing underneath the skins surface and reach dirt and debris that’s trapped underneath the skins surface. Cleanse of all that dirt, oils, blackheads and more!

  • Do not share your cleaning glow brush with other skins
  • Make sure your device is fully charged before use
  • Do not use this device whilst charging
  • Keep device dry and store away from moisture
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not use device if damaged or usb cable is damaged
  • Do not expose or use this device in high temp areas - Direct sunlight, saunas, boiling water or any areas of high temp

1 year warranty on our products. Our warranty does not cover personal damages to the product or if item has been stolen, misplaced, dropped or shows wear and tear, Device will not be covered by warranty.

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